Why 'In the Dark' Star Perry Mattfeld’s Secret Weapon on Set Is Baby Food

The CW’s new show In the Dark stars Perry Mattfeld as Murphy, a disgruntled 20-something who’s been blind since she was 14 due to a retinal disease.

And like many who are vision impaired, Murphy has a constant companion, her guide dog Pretzel, played by a 7-year-old Golden Retriever named Levi.

This is no small task, considering Levi has had no formal seeing eye training.

In fact, she’s actually very energetic and upbeat naturally, which is understandably not how guide dogs are supposed to behave. So Levi’s trainer developed a unique way to keep her focus on her co-star.

They smeared baby food on Perry’s neck, which the actress didn’t really have an issue with, because Levi is so fascinating to work with.

She tells the New York Post the real problem working with Levi was not being able to play with her constantly. She says: "She’s so cute and loveable."

Adding: "The crew would have to walk by and not pet her and that was terrible. I was lucky because I got to interact with her a ton, but it was brutal for everyone else."

In the Dark, executive produced by Ben Stiller, premieres tonight at 9/8c on The CW!


Photo: Getty Images

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