Halsey Opens Up About Her Next Album

Halsey has been focused on writing and recording the follow up to her 2017 album hopeless fountain kingdom for the large part of this year.

She has been working hard, but in a series of tweets she explained why it may be a while before fans get a taste of it. She writes in part:

"I know you guys are anxious for new music and touring," she tweeted. "Thank you for being patient with me. I want it to be perfect."

She goes on to say, "Writing this album has been a lesson in forgiving myself. In being proud of myself and kind to myself despite how much this world is designed to make you hate yourself."

Adding, "I hope when it’s finally in your hands it brings you that same peace. It’s not a quiet peace. It’s a loud one."

She wrapped it up by promising the album will be in her fan's hands before the end of the year.

Photo: Getty Images