Expert Weighs In on Ryan and Sisanie Wanting Tattoos 😂

Are Sisanie and Ryan Seacrest both having a mid-life crisis! Not so much, but Sisanie and Ryan did reveal they both have an urge to get a tattoo! 

It all started after Sisanie revealed on-air that she feels like she’s suffering some form of a new-mom crisis.

“When I was thinking about this, mid-life crisis came to mind,” Sis explained. “But I feel like this is a new-mom situation and what I’m going through is I want to get a piercing or a tattoo … I don’t know! I’m trying to figure out if there’s an underlying meaning to this?”

Sisanie, who is mom to twins Aiza and Maxon, explained that she feels like she has everything under control when it comes to being a first-time parent, but there’s just something left!

“I think Sisanie, you and I want to have some edge,” Ryan said, revealing he too wants a tatt. “We don’t have any edge!”

To help them figure out why they suddenly want tattoos, psychologist Dr. Jen weighed in on the sitch!


“I totally get it … I think a lot of moms go through this,” she shared. “All of a sudden when you have kids and especially twins … it is so all consuming to have two people all at once who are so dependent on you … so if you want to get a tattoo, get a tattoo but this is about what’s going on inside of you,” Dr. Jen concluded. “Putting something on your skin is not going to change that internal feeling.” 

Listen back to the convo in the audio above for more!

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