Marina de Tavira Reveals the Unique Way They Shot Oscar-Nominated ‘Roma’

Roma star Marina de Tavira still can’t believe she’s nominated for an Oscar. The actress phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, February 13, and revealed she thought she was dreaming when she heard the announcement and that they filmed the beloved movie in a unique way.“I was really surprised,” Marina, who plays Sofia in the film, revealed. “I was not expecting it all. I was hoping that Roma would get some nominations in some categories … but I was never, ever expecting to hear my name so when I heard it I really thought I was getting confused ideas about reality … and then my phone start[ed] to go crazy and I said, ‘If someone else heard it, it must be true,’ and then I started crying.”In the film, which is nominated for 10 academy awards, Marina plays Sofia, a middle class mother of four, based on director Alfonso Cuarón's own mother, Cristina. The movie has resonated personally with just about every viewer.“I think that Alfonso worked on all of these memories — this is really about his childhood and about the women that brought him up — and I think sometimes when you get that personal in some way it becomes universal,” Marina said of the way in which the film successfully resonates. “We all have childhood scars … the audience feels it is their story also.”


Personally, for Marina, the role also hits home.“I have to say I’m really grateful with the academy, first of all, in a personal way, because they took the time to look at Sofia my character, … but also because they acknowledge that it’s in Spanish and in black and white and that it’s about Mexico, and they really took the time to see it and recognize what it says so I’m really, really grateful.”


Listen back to the audio above to learn more, including the unique way in which they shot scenes. Stream Roma on Netflix now.

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