Ryan Weighs In on New Dating Trend “Refridgerdating”: Watch


This is not a joke 😂 You can now date using your refrigerator. Ryan Seacrest , Sisanie and Tanya Rad discussed the new dating trend on-air on Thursday, February 7, and decided they’re surprisingly not against it. 

"Refridgerdating" is Samsung’s recently launched Tinder-like dating app involving their high-tech Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator, which lets users monitor what they have inside their fridge using their phone.

“Instead of seeing a thirst quench, I’d rather see what’s in your fridge because what’s in your fridge is who you are when no one’s looking,” Ryan agreed, joking that revealing whether you have jared mayonnaise or squeezed mayonnaise tells you a lot about a person.


Refridgerdating works by taking a photo of the inside of your fridge and sharing and displaying it to other Samsung fridge users. “Refridgerdaters” can then decide whether they want to swipe right or left based on their compatibility 😂 

"We hope people can meet under more honest or transparent circumstances with the help of the contents of the fridge because that can tell you a lot about the personality," said Elin Axelsson, PR manager at Samsung Electronics Nordic based in Sweden, in a press release.

Watch back the LOL video above to find out what you’d find in Sisanie and Tanya’s fridges. 

What do you think about Refridgerdating?

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