Sisanie’s Working Mom Hangover Cure


It's come to the time for Sisanie to admit that she can't drink like she used to đŸ˜‚ As a working mom of 9-month-old twins Aiza and Maxon, Sisanie has no time to be hung over after the Super Bowl on this Monday morning.

So how does she survive after having a little fun yesterday at her big game party? Watch the latest episode of #OffAirWithSisanie in the video above for her working mom hangover cures and see below for more tips and tricks!

1. If you're breastfeeding, pump and dump: Safety first! You don’t want your baby tasting those tequilas from yesterday!

2. Water: Hydration and flushing out toxins are the keys to feeling better.

3. Electrolytes: Replenish your body's salts and minerals with sports drinks (Gatorade) or tomato juice with lime.

4. Ginger: Ginger tea will help to ease a nauseous stomach.

5. Light exercise (emphasis on "light): It's probably the last thing you feel like doing, but going for a walk or light job will get the blood pumping and gets more oxygen to all parts of your body.

PRO TIP! Whatever you do this morning, resist the urge to eat a big, greasy breakfast. It may sound tempting in the short-term, but it will make you drag the rest of the day.

That said, some good food to eat today includes:

Tomato Soup -- The salt helps your body retain water, and the potassium and sodium will help restore your electrolytes. As an added bonus, the salt will make you thirsty, forcing you to rehydrate.

Eggs -- Eggs are packed with protein, and easy on the stomach the morning after. They help clean up toxins leftover from the alcohol.

Avocados -- Avocados are chock full of potassium, fiber, B6, and carotenoids, amongst others, which counteract the negative effects of a hangover.

Bananas --Electrolytes + Potassium = a much faster recovery time in the morning. Bananas are easy on the stomach and should be a must after a night out.

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