Sisanie Shares Insightful Twin Mom Tip

When you’re juggling twins, one-on-one time can get easily lost. Sisanie shares in the latest New Mom update that she’s learning to spend isolated time with both Aiza and Maxon.

“With twins,” Sis shares in the latest update, “It’s nice to have some alone time with each of them. So yesterday I took Aiza to the grocery store with me while Maxon stayed home with just Michael.”

Sis’ mini-me Aiza is also becoming quite the independent woman! 

“At our twin class, Aiza was crawling all over the room meeting other babies,” she shares in the latest update. “She didn’t even want to be next to us. Maxon, on the other hand, was right next to me most of the class.”

Sisanie has been opening up as of late, revealing on-air to Ryan that she sometimes feels like she’s struggling trying to juggle being a full-time working mom. Ryan's Live cohost and mom of three Kelly Ripa gave her some sound advice, revealing that she too felt similar and so do a lot of other moms.

“Honestly, there is not a day that went by, particularly, when my kids were [young], where I did not feel exactly the way you feel,” Kelly told Sisanie on-air on January 11. “I felt like I was drowning; I felt like I was overwhelmed; I felt like I was doing a terrible job at my job because I was thinking about my kids and I was doing a terrible job at my kids because I was thinking about my job and that is something working moms have to struggle with and … we’re gonna have to come up with a new way to treat each other and treat ourselves because it’s something that working dads don’t go through.”

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