Ryan and Sisanie Debate Writing Your Own Wedding Vows


Congratulations to Sisanie and her hubby Michael! Ryan Seacrest’s cohost Sis is celebrating her five-year wedding anniversary tomorrow on January 18 and in honor of the beautiful day, Sis will be sharing her wedding video for the first time!

While talking about their big day, Ryan brought up vows, revealing he doesn’t understand the traditional vows that couples are optioned. 

“The vows that they give you, I don’t understand,” Ryan said. “I think I would have to write my own vows. The vows you are given I don’t know what all that means. … William H. Macy, the actor, married to Felicity Huffman … he said he was looking at the vows that they were given and he was like ‘I’m changing these vows’ and he rewrote them to say [things like] ‘When you come back from the restroom, I’ll stand at the table’ — like simple, chivalrous things.”


Sisanie used the traditional vows as a starting point, reciting them in the beginning and then customizing their own.

“Towards the end I was talking about football and he bought up the Kardashians,” she shared. “… We kept some of them and then we created our own.”

What do you think?

Watch back the on-air moment in the video above to watch back Ryan, Sisanie and Tanya mock up Tanya’s faux wedding which ended up including Engineer Tubbs as the groom 😂

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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