Tanya Reveals How Rami Malek Got His Big Break In Hollywood!

Rami Malek grew up in Los Angeles and worked in restaurants prior to becoming an award-winning actor. Tanya Rad found out over Golden Globes weekend that the actor, who nabbed the award for Best Actor, had an inspirational drive prior to making it big. 

Tanya explained to Ryan Seacrest on-air that while talking to Rami’s “groomer,” the 37-year-old used to work at a restaurant and would put his headshot in customer’s food bag just in case they worked in the industry. 

One day, a casting agent came across the headshot and actually called the actor, who ended up talking his way into landing his first role — a moment on Gilmore Girls!

For those die-hard Rami and GG fans, the hunk was on season 4 episode 11 and was part of Lane’s bible study group!