Tanya Surprises Ryan With Personalized Remix of “Thank U, Next"


Thank U, Seacrest! Tanya Rad hilariously — and epically, if we do say so ourselves — personalized and remixed Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” as a Christmas present for Ryan Seacrest on-air on Friday, December 14. 

“Her’s is the smallest,” Ryan said on-air when Tanya presented him with a tiny gift bag. “Oh boy, what’s this? It’s not even a gift? It’s a piece of paper: ‘Merry Christmas your gift is on soundboard one,’” he read before playing the LOL song. “Cut No. seven.’”

Tanya remixed the lyrics to instead read: “Thought I’d end up in promo, but it wasn’t a match / tried to be cool in LA, now I look back and laugh / even almost got married and moved to Arizona / but I can say thank you to Ryan, because you were my angel / And for that I say thank you Seacrest, thank you Seacrest, thank you Seacrest / You’re my best friend that’s the opposite sex.”


“I have to say … that is a unique gift,” Ryan said, after nearly peeing his pant with laughter. “I’m honored to be your ‘best friend — of the opposite sex.’”

Watch back the hilarious moment in the video above and to see the adorable gifts Sisanie and Patty Rodriguez also gifted Ry. 

“Thank You, Seacrest” Lyrics:

Thought I’d end up in promo

But it wasn’t a match

Tried to be cool in LA

Now I look back & laugh

Even almost got married

& moved to Arizona

Glad I can say thank you Ryan

Cuz you were my angel


You’ve seen me in love

You’ve seen me be not so patient

You’ve seen me in pain

Now I’m so amazing

I’ve loved and I’ve lost

& you’ve stood right beside me

Now look where I am

Look at all you’ve taught me


And for that I say

 Thank you, seacrest

Thank you, seacrest

You’re my best friend thats the opposite sex

Thank you, seacrest

Thank you, seacrest

Spend more time with my cowokers

I ain’t worried bout nothing

Cuz they all like fam

We havin’ better discussions

I know you tell me to blink real fast

But I’m having a blast

Doesn’t even feel like we’re workin’

And I’m so good with that

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan is quite simply one of the most influential, well-regarded, and well-known names in Hollywood. He is the quintessential Hollywood insider who always manages to have the biggest scoops and the most sought after access to top events and celebrities. Read more

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