Miley Cyrus Tells LOL Paddle Boarding Story: ‘It Was a Signal for Distress'

Prior to dropping new single with Mark Ronson “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” Miley Cyrus enjoyed almost a year off, spending time with her animals and fiancé Liam Hemsworth. One hobby in particular she took up was paddle boarding, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing at first 😂

“The thing I got into a lot was standup paddle boarding while I was taking my time off — I love it,” Miley shared. “… Liam is like an amazing surfer — he’s like pretty much good at every sport, it’s annoying — and he was out of town so I asked one of his friends, ‘Yo while Liam’s gone, could you give me lessons so when he’s back I could actually go out surfing with him and it’ll be so fun?’ So I said fine I’ll go out on the paddle board and I’m out on the paddle board and I was waving to tell his friend ‘Look at me! Look how good I’m doing!’ And I didn’t know it was the signal for distress,” she hilariously continued. “All of the police showed up … they were like, ‘Please never do that again on the water’ … so never like wave like ‘Yay!’ on a paddle board … I didn’t realize I was that far out [either] … I always yell at Liam because I think they talk about surfing more than they do surf … then I learned this is why we talk about it before because it’s really scary if you don’t.”


The duo are now living primarily in Nashville, Tennessee, after their home in Malibu burned down in the devastating Woolsey Fire. Miley previously shared with Ryan on-air that the loss was devastating, but she’s taken as many life lessons as she can from the disaster. 

“I’ve been spending most of my time in Nashville because with the two pigs, four horses, four cats, and eight dogs — there’s nothing you can do,” she shared. “This is making light of a very dark situation, but we had to go to LA that day [we were evacuated] and Liam was a hero and put all the animals in his truck and he had to spray the pigs with the hose to get them to go into crates because we had to be able to put them into the truck but then we had seven dogs and pigs in LA and I was like ‘What do we do with them?’ And my dad [Billy Ray Cyrus] was like ‘Bring them over to my house! I’ll take care of them!’ So I’m like ‘Alright, well, dad said we could.’ So we dropped horses off at dad’s house … and I was like ’Is mom home?’ He said they could sleep in his gym … my dad is as country as it gets!”


Miley, who is performing on Saturday Night Live this weekend, is planning on spending  time with her family for the holidays but will be back in studio again soon, continuing to work on new music. 

“More music is coming,” she teased. “I think sometime next year, hopefully not too late in the year and early January I think we are going to play again together. We are doing some shows in Vegas and … then hopefully by the beginning of next year sometime I’ll have new music out.”


Watch back Miley’s interview in the videos above!

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