Kesha Takes Us Inside 29 Rooms, Gets Inspired Over Potential Oscar Nom

Step into the world of Kesha! The songstress phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday, December 7, and took us inside the room she curated for Instagramable new installation 29 Rooms in Los Angeles. 

“Refinery 29 asked me to do a room while I was — I had a very short period of time in the middle of my tour and I stopped in the Maldives — and as I got this email about the rooms it was about expanding your reality … my concept behind the whole thing was I’m in a beautiful part of the world and I always have my head shoved in a phone or shoved in technology and I just wanted to appreciate what’s been here all along which is the insanity and beauty of nature,” Kesha told Ryan while describing her room, which is part-space, part-ocean.


Kesha added that guests can wear a helmet to start their journey into her realm, which she describes as “natural elements mushed together in a psychedelic mess.”

Curating the room offered Kesha a break from her busy year, during which she also penned “Here Comes the Change” for new movie The Basis of Sex about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which has been generating Oscar buzz.


"You know what’s really, really weird,” Kesha told Ryan. “I had all these huge dreams and not once did I ever dream that big … this is like next level dream … it’s like on another dimension of dreams of stuff I never thought I could ever accomplish so if an Oscar nomination happens for ‘Here Comes the Change’ then that would literally blow my mind. It would blow my mind.”

Listen back to the full interview in the audio above and click here for more info on 29 Rooms!

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Ryan Seacrest

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