Ben Stiller Talks Reality of Filming Prison Series “Escape at Dannemora”

Ben Stiller has been behind the camera working hard on new Showtime series Escape at Dannemora. The series revolves around the real headline-making story of a 2015 prison break in upstate New York, which spawned a massive manhunt for two convicted murderers who escaped with help from a female prison worker.

“It happened three years ago. It was kind of a sensational story,” Ben told Ryan Seacrest on-air on Wednesday, December 5. “It was on the news pretty much everyday for the month of June in 2015 … because these two murderers who were doing life at Clinton Correctional in Dannemora, New York, seduced a tailor shop worker … a 51-year-old grandmother named Tilly Mitchell, who was working in the tailor shop … and they developed an illicit relationship with her and she ended up helping them escape and they were out in the woods for like three and a half weeks.”


Ben explained that they filmed in the eerie town, where the prison dominates and is actually larger than the town population. 

“Up there it’s pretty remote,” he added, revealing Dannemora also has frigid, brutally cold temperatures.   


“I’ve been working on this thing or like the last two years of my life, I haven’t really thought about what I’m doing next,” Ben concluded. “But I love acting and I love doing comedies and all kinds of things so I’m hoping I’ll do something, but right now I’m just taking a beat and chilling out.”

Listen back to Ben’s full interview in the audio above and catch Escape at Dannemora on Showtime.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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