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Tanya Rad Discovers Jared Goff’s Roommate Works In the Building and OMG

You can’t make this up! On Friday, November 16, Ryan Seacrest, Sisanie and Tanya Rad learned that Jared Goff’s roommate, Patrick, works in the same building as the On Air With Ryan Seacrest studio. In case you need a refresher, Ryan and Sisanie were hilariously upset after learning that Tanya neglected to inform them that Jared Goff slid into her DMs last month.

Tanya, at the time, barely responded because she didn’t register who Goff was. Ryan and Sisanie then encouraged her to reach back out to him and we’re still waiting for his response. 

But then, the universe fully aligned, and we learned that Goff’s roommate — ROOMMATE! — works in the same building as us! Like, literally, in the same building on the same floor down the hall.

“I don’t know sports!” Tanya exclaimed after Ryan scolded her again. “You can’t sue me for this … I don’t remember athletes’ names!”

We then bought Patrick in (cue the “I have Patrick” Devil Wears Prada memes) and got all the deets on the Rams quarterback. 

Patrick and Goff have been living together for awhile now and Patrick joked that the superstar athlete has a roommate because “he’s lonely.”

He also confirmed, most importantly, that Goff is single! 

“Do you have to stay out of his head?” Ryan asked Patrick in regards to Goff’s game schedule. “Do you mind if Tanya gets in it?”

“Go for it,” Patrick confirmed. 

Watch back the seriously ~*~serendipitous~*~ moment in the video above and stay tuned because now we have direct access to Goff!!