On-Air’s Patty Rodriguez Shares Emotional Breast Cancer Scare


Patty Rodriguez bravely shared her breast cancer scare on Tuesday, October 30, as an important PSA to get checked. The on-air personality revealed to Ryan Seacrest that after showing one day, she left a large lump in her breast. She went to go see her doctor, and was terrified after he informed her she needed to see a specialist as soon as possible.  

“I hadn’t even told my family anything yet because I didn’t want to freak anyone out … and my doctor says ‘I have to refer you to a breast cancer specialist’ and I just sunk,” Patty emotionally recalled. “I felt like my whole life flashed before my eyes and I immediately called my mom and said ‘Look, I don’t know what this means, I’m freaking out, but I have to see a breast cancer specialist’ … All I knew was what you hear on television: This horrible disease that leaves children without mothers and leaves families without sisters and wives.”

The mass measured about 2 inches and couldn’t be detectable at first. 


“He said, ‘It’s big, [but] I can’t tell you what it is by touching it, we need to get you tested … and we’re gong to do this ASAP,’” Patty continued. “They couldn’t see it, they could feel it … but it wasn’t showing up visually.”

Patty added that from the beginning she told herself that it would all be OK and it would go way. 

“I went in there believing it was going to disappear,” she continued. “[So] we did the biopsy, we did the mammogram, and everything came back negative and the doctor said ‘Patty I can’t explain this to you.’ … He said, ‘I cannot explain it, it’s completely gone.’ And now it’s gone.” 

Watch back the emotional moment in the video above and click here for more resources. 

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