Ghost Photographer Julie Rieger Shares Her Spooky Stories

Spo0o0oky! Hollywood exec turned ghost expert Julie Rieger phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday, October 30, and shared with Ryan how she learned of her abilities to capture and clear ghosts. 

“It was not intentional,” she shared. “I had actually dealt with the loss of my mom to Alzheimer's and I was grieving and I think when you grieve you’re in chaos … and not long after she passed, I took a photo with my iPhone like all of us do … and what was in the background was a … woman.”

Rieger added that the image of the woman was “pretty clear” and she was in the “side yard at my house in Sherman Oaks.”


After that, the author of The Ghost Photographer: A Hollywood Executive's True Story of Discovering the Real World of Make-Believe, started to help others.


“I’ve actually cleared a lot of homes for folks … that’s actually the gift,” she continued. “… I started actually hearing them, seeing them, feeling them and … being fearless is power No. 1 and being able to know where they are and sending them away is power No. 2”

Listen back to the audio above to find out what happened when she cleared a friend’s house and more!

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