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John Mayer Debuts New Song “I Guess I Just Feel Like”: Listen

It’s safe to say we will be getting a bevy of new John Mayer songs and we cannot wait. The singer, who most recently dropped single “New Light” following his 2017 full-length album The Search For Everything (Waves One and Two)performed what felt like a once-in-a-lifetime intimate studio session for fans at iHeartRadio’s theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 24, and not only debuted new track “I Guess I Just Feel Like,” but confirmed there’s more to come. Much more.

Hosted by MYFM’s Valentine, Mayer debuted the new track by prefacing his recording style and how he'll be releasing music in the future. 

“I am hugely indecisive and I am constantly getting my inspiration replaced … so I put out ‘New Light’ and I’m like 'I’m gonna do a whole record like ‘New Light’ … and then I [change my mind],” he explained, adding that he might not go the traditional way in releasing a forthcoming album following the single.

John Mayer Performs “I Guess I Just Feel Like”

“I think I’m doing songs instead of records,” he revealed. “… I think I like to put songs out like movies, but a little faster than movies.” 

New unofficial track “I Guess I Just Feel Like," which Mayer wrote just hours before hitting the stage, includes lyrics such as “I guess I just feel like / … nobody’s honest, nobody’s true” and “everybody's lagging to make it through” and is personal for the Grammy winner.

“There’s nothing hit-like about it,” he joked. “But sometimes you just need to tell the truth with just a guitar.” 

“I don’t think I can get it out in time to make it a record,” he concluded of the track, which he previously teased on social media. “So this is my promise to get it out.”

Listen back to snippets of the song and more in the videos above. 

iHeartRadio’s LIVE with John Mayer Set List:

1. “Love on the Weekend”

2. “Waiting on the World to Change”

3. I Guess I Just Feel Like”

4. “Daughters” 

5. “New Light”

6. “Free Fallin’”

7. “Slow Dancing In a Burning Room”

8. “Your Body Is a Wonderland”

9. “Moving On and Getting Over” remixed