Sisanie Was Once Detained and Put In Dodger Jail


0o0o Sisanie, you in tro0o0ouble! Sisanie revealed on-air on Wednesday, October 17, that she was once detained at Dodgers stadium in Los Angeles at the age of 16 😂

“I love the Dodgers. I grew up as a Dodger fan. My dad worked in downtown LA for 30 plus years and we were just always Dodgers fans even though we lived in Orange County so that being said, one of my best friends had tickets for all of us to go to the Dodgers game when we were 16-years-old, we had just gotten out drivers license so four of us came out,” Sisanie recalled to Ryan Seacrest. “We’re in our seats and we’re like ‘Won’t it be cool if we get up during the 7th inning stretch and lead the crowd in ['Take Me Out to the Ball Game’]?” 

Sisanie continued that they were sitting behind the dugout and ended up climbing over the railing and standing on top of the dugout. They even wore wigs because they had obviously planned the whole thing out. 

“We get through the whole song,” Sisanie added, and that’s when they then got in trouble. 

“Three ushers come down and give the finger, point to us ‘Come on ladies, come with me,’ and everyone in the crowd is like ‘Boo! They were fine! They didn’t do anything! So they take us down this elevator and … it’s straight up Dodger jail!” she added. “There’s drunk people in cells!”

Sis concluded that they didn’t put them in the cell but they had to stay there the rest of the game and their parents were called. 

“We were all allowed one phone call, but all of our parents refused [ti pick us up] so finally we waited it out until the game ended and then we were like ‘Can we just go home?’ and they were like 'Eh, [fine].'”


Watch back the funny moment in the video above. 

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