Tanya Rad and Sisanie Tease Ryan Over His Muscles


It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! In anticipation of our annual holiday party, Ryan Seacrest, Sisanie and Tanya Rad started to brainstorm locations on-air on Friday, October 12, when the convo somehow transitioned into Ryan’s muscles and let's just say it went from compliments to criticism real quick 😂

“I saw a video of [you in the gym] by the way,” Tanya told RS. “Nice guns!” 

Tanya explained that she saw a video of Ryan working out with his trainer on Instagram and that she was impressed!

Sisanie, however, hilariously — and unintentionally — changed the tune of the convo. 


“You know what it is about you and your muscles,” Sisanie said. “I don’t want to say you’re so little, but you are a smaller frame … so it makes your muscles look bigger because of that. You have really big muscles compared to your body frame!”

“That’s not a compliment!” Ryan responded. “I like Tanya today more than you right now.”

Watch back the funny on-air moment in the video above and sound off on social with party ideas!

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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