A Staff Member Is Engaged! Find Out What Tanya’s Learned From Her Story


It’s official! On Air With Ryan Seacrest staff member Sierra is finally engaged and Tanya Rad thinks Ryan Seacrests been giving herself the wrong advice this whole time. 

Sierra got engaged to her fiancé Eric after three years of dating and shared with the team that when they first met, she sought him out. 

“This family is just growing,” Ryan shared on-air on Tuesday, October 2. “Here is a family member that you don’t hear too much … her name is Sierra and she works in the social media, online, web department … Sierra is finally engaged! Congratulations! And I only say 'finally' because I didn’t even know there was such a wait, but every month, Sisanie, Tanya and Sierra would be like ‘Ugh, still not yet, but it’s coming, still not yet.’”

Sierra shared that she’d been anticipating a proposal since last Christmas and that when it finally happened, she wasn’t prepared at all. Her fiancé ended up proposing in Lake Tahoe during his birthday weekend trip, totally catching her off guard.


“What I find very interesting about this engagement is Sierra like pursued Eric,” Tanya told Ryan. “Remember how you told me ‘Just hang, it’s going to come’? Sierra actively pursued Eric Cox [and] flash-forward three years they’re now happily engaged [and] about to be married.”

Ryan jokingly added that subtly isn’t Tanya’s strong suit.

“I think Sierra can pull that off though,” Ryan concluded. “Tanya, we think subtly is better for you.”

Watch back the on-air moment in the video above and sound off in the comments: What do you think about pursuing your crush?

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