Shawn Mendes Gives Aspiring Musicians the Best Advice Ever

Shawn Mendes has unveiled a new mini doc as part of YouTube’s Artist Spotlight series and in it he offers up some pretty sage wisdom for anybody dreaming of a music career, but frozen by self-doubt.

He says: “Until I put that first video up on YouTube I didn’t know I could do that and until I wrote that first song I didn’t realize I could write music. I would have just said ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘I’m not one of those people’ or ‘That’s not for me.’ A lot of people say ‘You were born with that talent’ or ‘You were born with the ability to do that.’ I wasn’t born like that.  I would sing until I lost my voice and I would play guitar until my fingers were bleeding. I would get to points where I was crying over the fact I couldn’t get the part right.”

Shawn says he still battles self-doubt and nerves, but he fights through it and works hard.

You can watch Shawn’s YouTube doc below:


Photo: Getty Images

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