Wait, Have We Been Using Toilet Seat Covers Wrong? Find Out


You know, just solving all life problems here. After Sisanie revealed the ~*~ unique ~*~ way in which she uses a toilet seat cover, we started to wonder, have we been using them wrong this whole time?! 

According to Sisanie, she places the flap out over the toilet so that her clothing or underwear doesn't touch the seat ... 

Naturally, this intrigued us, and we went straight to the source: Paul from Sanitor, the company behind the creation of toilet seat covers. 

"It's a small family business," Paul shared of Sanitor.  "The company was started back in 1931 with the invention of the toilet seat cover and since then other knock-offs have come into the toilet seat cover game, but it started with the idea to provide a protective barrier."

Of course we know the intended use of the toilet seat cover, but is Sisanie correct in the way she places it?

Not so fast 😂

"It dispenses out flat [and] the design was to prevent any actual contact with the toilet … the flap is already cut out for you and the flap is intended to go down inside the toilet and the reason for that is so that when you flush the toilet, it will just pull it right in," Paul said, setting the record straight. 

Flap front or back, Tanya also pointed out another amazing toilet seat cover hack -- blotting paper!


"It's an excellent use of that," Tanya added, revealing you can use a clean sheet as an oil absorber when in need. "Everybody does this at night in the bars."

(You know you have.)

Watch the funny on-air moment in the video above and listen back to Paul's explanation in the audio.

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