Grey’s Anatomy Returns! Get Tanya Rad’s Ultimate Recap

Grey’s Anatomy returns tonight for season 15! And, in case you haven’t caught every episode of Grey’s since its premiere in 2005 like our girl Tanya Rad, she's gotchu.

If you tapered off after Denny Duquette’s death or Mark Sloan’s fatal end, fret not, because Tanya’s got your ultimate recap.

A few key moments that you may have miss include:

Derek Shepherd divorced Addison…married Meredith…had 3 kids…and died in a car wreck.

Alex stopped being a playboy and fell in love with Jo Wilson. They just got married in the season finale.

George died. Izzy got cancer and ran away. Cristina went away and never came back.

Miranda Bailey is chief of the hospital now.


And here are some new characters…you should know:

Jackson Avery – the new plastics doc (McSteamy died). He’s now dating his kinda weird kinda-half sister Maggie…who is also Meredith’s half-sister.

Owen is still around (not sure why).

Meredith just won her Harper Avery award and is still a single modern woman saving the world one liver at a time!


So there you have it! Listen back to the audio above for more and tune into the 2-hour season 15 premiere on ABC tonight at 8/7c

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