Ryan & Sisanie Give Bride Advice Over Friend Who Wants to Be Bridesmaid


Awkward alert! A bride named Lindsay phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest with a dilemma: Her friend wants to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, but she doesn’t want her to be …

“I recently got engaged and I’m planning my wedding and I’m about to ask my family and friends to be in my wedding party and I think one of my friends is expecting me to ask her to be a bridesmaid, but I’m not going to be,” Lindsay explained to Ryan, Sisanie and Tanya. “She used to be my very best friend, but over the years we’ve kind of grown apart and out of the friend group, she’s the one I’m least close with so I just need some advice on how to handle this…”

Ryan was on Team Don’t Worry, telling Lindsay that the big day is all about her and her partner.

“As someone that has seen people get married, you’ll never please everyone,” Ryan advised. “At some point you have to say ‘This is about me and my day’ and if this person doesn’t understand that, then they’re selfish and not the greatest of friends.”

Sisanie agreed and said that Lindsay should go about it as she “had planned” and that’s it, if she doesn’t get asked, she doesn’t get asked.


Tanya, however, begged to differ.

“What if you don’t have her as a bridesmaid, but there’s a certain way you can incorporate her in the wedding?” she offered, to which Sisanie said hell no.

“I don’t know, it sounds like a pity [offer],” Sis said. “I don’t agree with that.” 

Watch back the moment above and sound off with your own opinion in the comments -- what do you think?

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Ryan Seacrest

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