Hollywood's Go-To Tarot Card Reader Convinces Sisanie to Sage Her Home


Ever thought about saging your home? Well, according to Ryan Seacrest and tarot card reader to the stars’ Angie Banicki, you should!

We got Angie on the phone after Sisanie found herself in a sage dilemma: The mom of two has been living in her home with husband Michael for a year now and never saged the place, but since a friend gave her some, she feels like she needs to — except she doesn’t feel any bad energy ... 

“You can’t mess it up,” Angie explained to Sis, encouraging her to sage the place. “The best analogy I can give you is think about cleaning your house: You can clean your house before the cleaning lady comes and you can be like 'the house is pretty clean,' but then the cleaning lady comes and it’s like a brand new house.”


Angie shared that when you do sage your home, you want to make sure to clear out the clutter, start at the front door and to do it when you’re in a good mood. A bonus would also be, Angie added, to sage during a full moon (the next is on September 24th).


Listen back to the audio above to learn more and to hear the cards Angie pulled for Sis, Tanya Rad and even Ryan! 

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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