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Lea Michele Jokes New “Darren Criss Diet” Caused Her to Lose 5 Pounds

Here comes the bride and groom! Pals and LM/DC tourmates Lea Michele and Darren Criss stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Monday, September 10, to announce they’re extending their LM/DC Tour with West Coast dates and even an overseas leg! The duo, who both recently got engaged to their respective partners — not each other! — also dished on what it's like to plan a wedding while on tour.  

“It’s so exciting!” Lea gushed of simultaneously getting engaged. “Darren got engaged first and the I shortly after followed and it’s fun! It’s really great.”

The Glee alum is set to wed beau Zandy Reich, while Darren popped the question to longtime girlfriend Mia Swier this past January.

“I was very surprised,” Lea continued of her own engagement. “Darren and I were right about to go on tour so I had just thought maybe after tour it would happen and it happened before and it’s funny because I think I told Darren, ‘I think we’re going to get engaged!’ And Darren was like, ‘No, you’re not’ And I was like, ‘No! It’s going to happen!’”

Darren joked that he was attempting to put it off since he hadn’t popped the question to Mia yet, whom he’s been dating for almost a decade. 

“I think that was just a defense mechanism being like, ‘If this dude proposes before me I’m going to look like a jerk,’” he joked. “I’ve been with [Mia] forever so I was like I’ve got to put a ring on it before this new guy.”

While both are planning weddings, they’re busier than ever and announced on-air they’re extending their LM/DC Tour.

“We’re super excited,” Lea gushed. “We had a really awesome time and really the best part we love hanging out together and meeting so many great people … it was awesome … so we decided to add some more dates. We’re coming to the West Coast next month so we’re super excited about that.”

The show, Darren explained, is “a mix bag of Lea and I’s life” including moments from their Broadway shows and Glee. “It’s sort of this variety show of us,” he added. 

Listen back to the audio above to hear more, including how Darren always steals Lea’s food backstage resulting in her losing five pounds and more!