The Internet Can’t Decide If This Is a Photo of the Beach or a Door?


There’s a new dress, Laurel/Yanny debate! The internet has been at a loss for over a week after someone tweeted a picture that appears to be either a beach landscape tilted or a portion of a door and wall. 

“Is this a door or a beach??? Hahahaha😖🙄” one user Tweeted, sending people squinting at the pic.

“I can see both and it’s bothering me,” some people said, while others pointed out it must be a door because there is no sun or clouds. 

“MORE things to keep me up at night,” another person added, unable to decipher the pic.


Others have since Photoshopped the image on a home, trying to solve the mystery.

“It's clearly a door wym,” one person submitted.


Well, BuzzFeed News has officially solved the mystery and -- are you ready? -- it's not a door!


It’s a beach! The photo stems from Miramar Beach in Florida and belongs to Beach Breeze-Destin Florida Vacation Beach House Rentals.


For the record, we first thought it was a door too

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