Tanya Rad Dishes to Ryan What It's Like to Tour With Charlie Puth, Hailee


We’re baaack! Tanya Rad spent part of her vacation on tour with Charlie Puth and Hailee Steinfeld and on Monday, August 27, filled Ryan Seacrest in on everything on-air! 

Our girl Tanya joined Puth and Steinfeld on Puth’s The Voicenotes Tour With Special Guest Hailee Steinfeld in Chula Vista, California, at the Mattress Firm Amphitheatre and traveled to Arizona and even Texas with the gang.

“[Hailee] said ‘Whatever days you can make work, hop on,’” Tanya recalled to Ryan. “I bused. I slept until noon one day! I was like I don’t think I’ve done this since 2003. The bus just goes and you can’t really do anything so it’s like just sleep.”

Tanya shared that because the concert is obviously the time of your life, you don’t go to bed until 3 or 4 AM "because of the adrenaline" post-show.  

“I woke up at my normal time, which was like 7 AM, and then [I’d be] like OK, I can get up, but the bus was still moving," she continued. "So I’d go back to sleep three more hours.”

The funniest part of being on tour though? Leave it to Tanya to divulge that she had, of course, "bathroom issues." 

"The funniest part was you know I have issues with the restroom -- you can’t go No. 2 on the bus," Tanya said. "It's just like a rule … it's a rule for anybody on a bus so I was in my head about this … and I didn't go to the bathroom for six days!"

She also had to wear her underwear inside out because she ran out of clean clothes ...

Did we mention we are back? LOLOLOL

Relive more of her tour time in the posts below and click here to catch Charlie and Hailee on the road!

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