Ariana Grande Stops Singing Mid-Concert to Help a Fan for Funniest Reason

Video or it didn’t happen! Ariana Grande is officially the sweetest. The Sweetener songstress stopped singing mid-concert to help out a fan. And by help out a fan, we mean she stopped singing so that the concertgoer could get the perfect social video. 

It all happened after a fan yelled mid-performance “Start again I wasn't recording!" 


Ari then actually stopped and, while laughing, asked: “Did you say ‘Start again I wasn't recording?’ ... Are you ready now?" 

She then re-started the show, and, of course, it was all captured on video for us to relive in the tweet below. 

The songstress has been candid with fans as of late, revealing that new track “Get Well Soon” off Sweetener is indeed about the anxiety she suffered following the Manchester Arena bombing in May 2017.


"[Pharrell Williams, who produced the album,] kind of forced it out of me, because I was in a really bad place mentally," she told Paper magazine while discussing the track. “I’ve always had anxiety, I've had anxiety for years. But when I got home from tour it reached a very different, intense peak. It became physical and I was not going out at all, and I felt like I was outside my body. I'd have these spells every now and then where I felt like I was having déjà vu, but like 24/7 for three months at a time."

"It definitely helped," Grande continued of writing the song. "It still took me a few weeks to feel better, but looking back at it now from a healthier place, it's probably one of the most important songs I'll ever write."

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