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Is Debby Ryan Really Still Friends with the Sprouse Twins?

Debby Ryan’s career took off when she was a teenager on The Sweet Life on Deck co-starring with twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

And 7 years after the show ended their careers are all going strong!

Debby’s starring in the new Netflix movie Insatiable, Cole is Jughead on the red hot show Riverdale and Dylan earned rave reviews for his thriller, Dismissed.

According to Debby their friendship is going even stronger.

"It's really nice I think when you go through such intense, insane life during your high school years with people," she says. "There's only a few people that knew you before that and outside of that and through that and I value my friendship with both him and Dylan, it's cool! And they're both killing it in their careers.”

Insatiable premieres on Netflix this Friday.

Photo: Getty Images