Lionel Richie Roasts Ryan Seacrest’s “In My Feelings” Dance Video

He tried! Ryan Seacrest is still recovering from attempting Drake’s “In My Feelings” dance challenge. Grammy winner and American Idol judge Lionel Richie phoned in to On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Monday, July 30, and teased Ryan over the now viral video in which he attempts to dance like Drake.

“My phone blew up. Forget all social media, just my phone blew up,” Richie told Ryan. “Friends of mine said ‘What are we going to do about Ryan?’ I said ‘What happened? Did something happen?’ And they said ‘You mean you haven’t seen it?!’”

“I was trying,” Ryan responded. “I felt so good about my moves and then the world shut me down.”

Richie, who is dad to Nicole, Sophia and Miles, jokingly warned Ryan not to embarrass him again.

“See not being a parent yet … understand when your kids say to you ‘Dad don’t embarrass me’ … well Ryan, don’t embarrass us,” he concluded. 

The funnyman most recently made headlines for a night out with Ed Sheeran. Last month the two enjoyed a post-gig dinner at Michelin-star restaurant in Cardiff. 

“First of all, I love the guy and the second thing was were backstage and I kept waiting for him to do some kind of warmup and he’s just sitting back there hanging out and two minutes before he goes on he just puts on some clothes and walks out and kills it,” Richie recalled. “And then of course I’m thinking he’s going to cool down and no man we’re going out to eat and hang out and 4 o’clock in the morning we said goodbye to each other and I must tell you something will be in the works. I’m just telling you that right now. I love him. He’s a great writer, but his personality is just perfect. … He is exactly who you see.”

Before returning to Idol, Richie is closing out his Las Vegas residency August 15-28 and October 3-20. 

“It’s totally different from playing an arena or a stadium … because the crowd is right in front of you and I get to hear what they say to me,” Richie said. “It’s almost like a glorified club date … they’re a part of the show, that’s what makes it so fab.” 

Click here to win a chance to go see and meet Lionel! And listen back to the full interview in the audio above.

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