Dog Drags Sprinkler Inside Home to Cool Off

Dogs are people too. A Texas woman’s Facebook post is going viral after she shared a pic of her dog attempting to cool off in the triple-digit heat.

“That moment when your puppy drags the sprinkler through the doggie door 😲 Good thing I was wearing waterproof mascara 😁,” she captioned a photo of her dog living his best life as the sprinkler blasts him in the face inside the house. 

The photo quickly went viral and has more than 112,000 shares. 

Multiple counties across America are suffering from heart waves. To stay safe in the extreme temperatures, recommends if you do not have air conditioning, choose places you could go to for relief from the heat during the warmest part of the day like schools, libraries, theaters and malls.


Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids even if you do not feel thirsty and be sure to make sure that your pets have plenty of water and shade too! 

Click here for more heat wave safety tips. 

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Ryan Seacrest

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