Tanya’s Take: My Dating Advice for Staying in the Game


Let’s be honest, dating can be tough. Ryan Seacrest and Tanya Rad got a caller the other day who perfectly summed up how she’s getting sick of the dating game and Tanya offered her some wisdom — and it all has to do with your mindset!

“I know this headspace and I know it can be really tough,” Tanya admitted. “You have to just train your brain not to think that way because I think sometimes when we have this narrative in our heads, like, ‘These dating apps suck,’ and ‘Nobody is into me,’ and ‘These dates suck,’ [then] we create that reality.”

Tanya continued that it’s all about focusing on the positive and the future ahead of you. 


“If you start telling yourself ‘I’m going to get through this because the person I’m going to meet is going to be so awesome’ and you start changing your thoughts to a more positive outlook, its going to come your way,” Tanya concluded. “I think really focusing on your thoughts will be a huge game changer.” 

Listen back to the audio above for more and sound off in the comments with any of your own dating advice you'd love to share!

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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