Is the Keto Diet Good For You? We Ask a Doctor!

If you’ve been on the internet or to a gym recently, you’ve likely heard of the Keto Diet, the most recent health craze where participants are dropping weight like cray. While the Keto Diet is effective, is it good for you? We hit up Dr. Nandi to find out! 

“The Keto Diet is short for a ketogenic diet,” Dr. Nandi explained on-air on Thursday, May 31. “So in English, what that means is, to me, it should be called bring on the meat diet because basically its hardly any carbs, no carbs, or very little of it, and a lot of fat and protein. The idea is you eat less than 50 grams of carbohydrates, so that’s like four slices of bread a day, for several days and what that does is your body then changes how it uses energy. … Normally your body uses carbs for energy and when you deprive yourself of carbs, it goes to burning fat [and] you lose weight very quickly. A typical Keto Diet is 80 percent fat, 15 percent protein and about 5 percent carbohydrates.”


That said, Dr. Nandi doesn’t recommend the Keto Diet for everyone. 

“I’m interested in not just having the beach body, but I want you to live and thrive,” Dr. Nandi said, explaining that the No. 1 killer in women is heart disease. “So the problem I have with this diet is you can eat healthy fats of course, but a lot of people are going to eat the bacon … and so saturated fat is going to be increased and you’re cutting out [fruit] … and the other thing it’s not sustainable.”

Dr. Nandi instead recommends eating a balanced, healthy diet and focusing on portion control for weight loss. 

“I have a better option: Just eat less!” he said. “Control your portions!”

Listen to the full conversation above to learn more about the Keto Diet and click here to ask Dr. Nandi any other questions you might have! 

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