Rebel Wilson Gives Us a Taste Of Being Taylor Swift’s VIP Concert Guest


Rebel Wilson lived her best life last weekend at Taylor Swifts Reputation tour stop in Los Angeles. The funnywoman, who is next starring in Beauty and The Beast In Concert at The Hollywood Bowl, attended the show at the Rose Bowl along with Julia Roberts, Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose, Miles Teller, HAIM and a handful more A-listers and told Ryan Seacrest that yes, it was as amazing as we imagined.

“I’d met Taylor at her birthday party a couple months ago and she said ‘Come to the concert’ and we went and it was so incredible,” Rebel shared when she called into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, May 23. “It was brilliant the spectacle of it — everything.” 

Naturally we had to know what it was like to take in the brilliance of Taylor Swift among a roster of celebs worthy of the Met Gala.

“Yes, Julia [Roberts] was there,” Rebel said when Ryan brought up the star-studded guest list. “She’s got some lovely teenage kids who really enjoyed it and were so cool. I was never cool at like 13 or 12 … Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, Kobe [Bryant] was there, Jared Goff, who is quarterback of the Rams, he’s amazing, Miles Teller, HAIM -- we were all in this club area … I was like 'Why don’t I go to concerts more often?' I was like 'This is awesome.' We were all dancing and having an amazing time.” 

Rebel of course also met Selena Gomez, who joined Taylor onstage Saturday night. 


“I spoke to her just as she got off stage because I wanted to beat the traffic so we left a little early right as the time Selena was exiting and she’s such a lovely girl,” she said. “They’re all so lovely and very, very talented.”

Now that we’re officially jealous of Rebel’s night out, we can discuss her upcoming role in the magic that will be Beauty and The Beast In Concert at The Hollywood Bowl.

“I’m playing a male role,” Rebel shared of the two-night concert. “LeFou [Gaston's quirky sidekick] who was played by Josh Gad in the live-action movie.”


Portraying a male role is obviously new for the actress, but is a “really cool challenge” for her.


“I got myself a little brown male wig and I’ve got myself this little costume and everything,” she shared of her prep. “I’ve been walking a bit more goofily … it’s weird to play a guy, but there’s also something really fun about it … and I never thought this would be a role I’d get cast in because I’m a lady.”

Click here for ticket information and listen back to their full interview above! 

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