Jamie Foxx, Daughter Corinne Recall Her Jonas Brothers Obsession

Jamie Foxx couldn’t be more proud of his 24-year-old daughter Corinne Foxx — even when she had a slight obsession with the Jonas Brothers. The father-daughter duo, who cohost Beat Shazam together, phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, May 16, and hilariously recalled when Corinne visited the On Air With Ryan Seacrest studio back in 2008 for Ryan’s interview with the former boy band. 

“My daughter called me crying, ‘Oh my God, daddy, the Jonas brothers!’” Jamie recalled to Ryan on Wednesday. “I said, ‘What did they do to you?’” he added, revealing he had no idea at the time they were a band his daughter adored.

“I was a little in too deep with the Jonas Brothers and I called my dad crying and he really thought they were these kids at school or something,” Corinne added. “He had no idea who they were and we ended up coming to the show and I stood outside the glass and was panting on the glass watching them and we got to meet them and take photos and I was in my awkward, embarrassing phase of my life.” 

Fast-forward to 2018 and now 24-year-old Corinne is the parent in the house.

“I think we’ve gotten to the point where my maturity has gone over my dad and so now it is me kind of parenting him and calling him out,” Corinne joked. “He’s young forever which is awesome and really great now that I’m a little older and not a teenager anymore and embarrassed by it and can appreciate his young spirit.”

Jamie added that much to his amazement, Corinne never really had to be parented.

“To be honest with you, Corinne never messed up. It really freaked me out,” he shared. “She barely went to parties. I had to force her to go to Cannes to go to an afterparty and I’m like, ‘We’re in Cannes!’ and she’s like, ‘Dad, it’s 9:30 I think were going to lay it down’ … so she really ends up parenting me.”

The Oscar-winning actor added that he always instilled in Corinne her worth. 

“The only [advice] that I would give Corinne was that you’re worth everything,” he said of his fatherly advice. “That was the only thing I would say. I’d say, ‘Listen, anything you want, you can get. You can have it.’ … Every single father out there, please tell your daughter know their worth. That they can have anything they want. … it’s great to see her spearheading things.”

Listen back to the interview above to hear more, including how Jamie let Ed Sheeran crash on his couch prior to making it big. 

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