Tanya’s Take: Ryan Just Gave Me the Best Dating Advice

Tanya here! So this morning I showed Ryan a text exchange I had with a guy I was being set up with. We hadn’t met yet — we were just setup through a mutual friend and he was asking me when a good time to chat was.

I followed by texting him this:

I didn’t think it was bad because I’m in a new phase of life where I am being unapologetically me. I am who I am. I’m no longer pretending to “play it cool” or whatever other advice I've gotten from people telling me to play hard to get.

BUT, Ryan said something that really struck a chord: He said it’s about DOSAGE when it comes to texting and to think of it as portion control — you wouldn’t eat an entire pizza, you would eat a piece. Meaning, I don't need to text my entire life/schedule, but instead a small dose of it.

For some reason this REALLY resonated with me and makes TOTAL sense. There’s a way of being myself, but also not taking up an entire page of blue text convo.

BTW, no, he hasn't called 😂

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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