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What Drew Melissa Barrera to Her New Show 'Vida'

posted by Kelly Ballhorn - 

It isn’t very often that a TV show truly breaks down one barrier, but the new drama Vida is shattering multiple.

Not only the way the LGBTQ community is commonly portrayed on television, but also the way Latinas are represented.

This is what drew in one if its breakout stars, Melissa Barrera, who tells the New York Post:

"What attracted me to the project was having Latin characters at the forefront and having them not be the token sexy Latina, or the gardener, or the maid, or the drug dealer. That’s how we are [usually] presented as on television."

Adding: "The show is a love letter to the Latin community, but I feel like it’s so universal."

Vida is getting a ton of buzz, tune into Starz on Sunday to watch the series premiere or download the app.

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