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JC Chasez Reveals Whether *NSYNC Will Ever Tour Again

One last bye bye bye? JC Chasez made our 12-year-old fangirl dreams come true when he phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, May 2. The singer, along with band members Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick, reunited on Monday to receive their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and reignited fans’ dreams of a reunion tour.  

So will we see *NSYNC reunite à la fellow '90s faves The Backstreet Boys and Destiny’s Child?

“It was fun,” JC said of reuniting for their star ceremony earlier this week. “We get together, we still see each other … it’s just usually not a public affair. But it was nice to do something for the fans and in public and obviously to experience something like this. It was very humbling and a wonderful honor.”

JC said that although they are all living different lives since announcing their hiatus back in 2002, not much has changed between the band when they get together. 

“What’s wild is once you know somebody it’s like you know them. We will constantly evolve, but the core of a person is the core of a person so you can always rely on some things just never changing,” he shared. “When you see someone, whether it’s been a week, a month, a year, it’s like those things don’t change. You put us five in the room and it just never changes. … it’s always good fun.”

Unfortunately, JC hinted that a reunion tour isn’t exactly in the near future.

“Really what we were thinking … when we were getting the star … was just a handful of things: One, what an incredible honor. Two, don’t trip when walking up the stairs. Three, don’t swear on the microphone in front of all these people and then other than that we were just focusing on this one thing,” JC said. “We are that way at this point. We aren’t looking five years in the future. We are very much in the moment.”

While addressing Beyoncé’s Destiny’s Child reunion at Coachella, JC continued: “I mean look, that was Beyoncé being Beyoncé and the Destiny’s Child ladies doing what they do and that is showing up and going big at a wonderful event. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s more like everyone else comes to us and says you guys should do that.”

That said, the five of them aren’t against it.

“We’re not opposed to anything,” JC reassured. “We are always going to be open to anything, to any idea, as long as it’s a good idea. For us it’s got to be the right thing for the right reasons.”

JC also joked that they’ll need time to get back into touring shape should they reunite. 

“If we are going to perform, we all need to start running,” he concluded, laughing. “Oh my goodness. The cardio involved in dancing — it’s like, ‘OK guys, here’s the deal, if we are three years out, we can do this.’”

Listen to the full interview above.