Are Justin Bieber and Adam Sandler Really Friends?

Adam Sandler recruited several of his good friends from Saturday Night Live for his new Netflix comedy The Week Of.

Chris Rock, Rachel Dratch and legendary SNL writer Robert Smigel, who co-wrote and directed it.

But don’t be surprised if Adam also eventually collaborates with another pal, Justin Bieber. Adam confirmed the unlikely friendship on The Tonight Show.

“I know the Biebs. I’ve met him several times,” he told Jimmy Fallon. “He’s a very nice kid.”

"I was in Hawaii and my kids were swimming in the pool and I had a FaceTime going with the Biebs…and I said while I gotcha, you mind saying 'hi' to my kids?” he recalled. “I flipped the phone around and the kids got the hello, but I forgot about the fifty other kids in the pool.”

"The Biebs causes a reaction," Adam joked.

The Week Of is on Netflix today.


Photo: Getty Images

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