Watch NeNe Leakes Play Matchmaker for Our Girl Tanya Rad

NeNe Leakes is so much more than a Bravo housewife and comedian — she’s also a self-described brilliant matchmaker! The reality star stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, April 12, and aligned the stars for none other than our girl Tanya Rad. 

If you listen to the show, you’ll know that Tanya has been searching for love for some time now (Ahem, operation Tim Tebow!) so when Ryan brought up NeNe’s matchmaking skills, we had to put her to the test. 

“I’m just really good,” she explained of her skills. “When I know the person, at least one of them, I know who they should be dating. I also know — for ladies, please pay attention — the man picks. You are not the picker. The man is the picker for sure.”

With that said, NeNe dived into setting Tanya up. Her first question? What’s your sign.

“I really believe that signs are important,” she explained to Tanya, who is a Cancer.  


NeNe, who is married to husband Gregg Leakes again after baring their divorce on hit Bravo show Real Housewives of Atlanta, also asked Tanya if she’s willing to date outside of her race and if she’s a gold digger.


Tanya’s not a gold digger and is willing to date “a broke guy.” This one set NeNe off!

“So you would date a broke guy? Well that’s wrong!” NeNe exclaimed. “Why would you have such a great job and a great career and date somebody that’s broke? … You may find some guy that’s trying to eat off you,” NeNe warned. “You need to find somebody that’s meeting you halfway.” 

Watch the video above to hear more dating advice from NeNe and also to find out where she gets inspiration for her hilarious comedy shows and also what she regrets, if anything, on Housewives. 

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