Kings Player Tyler Toffoli’s Fiancée Reveals What He Does in Bed


L.A. Kings player Tyler Toffoli likes to indulge in the bedroom — in sweets that is! The 25-year-old athlete is gearing up for the Stanley Cup 2018 playoffs and his fiancée, Cat Belanger, let us in a secret: The athlete loves to eat sweets in bed. 

“Unfortunately, yes, [I have a sweet tooth]” Tyler told Ryan when he phoned in to On Air With Ryan Seacrest ahead of game one tonight in Las Vegas. “… Ice cream is definitely in there in the mix. Cupcakes, cookies — whatever is in front of me, it’s kind of hard to turn away.”

So how does he end up in bed with all the treats?


“I like to come home and decompress and when I get in bed it’s hard to get back out so when I come home from the rink I get home and relax,” Tyler added, confirming he spends a majority of his time at home snuggled up with sweet treats. 

The couple got engaged in Malibu, California, in May 2017 and post-season have their wedding to look forward to.


So will they incorporate the winning cup in their nuptials if they take home the 2018 playoff win?

“That would be pretty fun. I’m not going to lie, we won in ’14 and it was a pretty good party so that would just make the wedding even better,” Tyler said. 

Listen to the full interview above. 

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