Painful-Looking Engagement Ring Piercings Are Latest Trend


Engagement ring piercings are a thing now and it looks P-A-I-N-F-U-L. The trend is for those who don’t want to wear a traditional wedding ring and consists of a single diamond implanted into the skin of the ring finger.

According to Fox News Lifestyle, the diamond “ring” is placed with a dermal anchor. “Unlike traditional piercings that go in one side and exit the other, to place a dermal stud, piercers must first remove a circle of skin with a dermal punch before using small forceps to insert a ‘dermal anchor into the resulting hole.’ The bling is then attached to the anchor.”



The result serves as a blingy alternative to the permanent wedding tattoo. If you end up getting an engagement ring piercing, you can remove the piercing should you chose, but it’s painful and will likely result in scarring. 

Sound off in the comments: Would you ever consider an engagement piercing?

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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