Watch DJ Marshmello Hilariously “Talk” Using Text-to-Speech With Ryan


He speaks! Chart-topping DJ Marshmello stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday, March 9, and “talked” for the first time! The electronic dance music producer, who was joined by “FRIENDS” singer Anne-Marie, spoke with Ryan for the first time by using his computer to text-to-speech. 

“Marshmello, do I talk to you or do you talk to me? How does this work?” Ryan asked the DJ, who was disguised by his signature marshmallow helmet.

“I can talk today,” Marshemllo hilariously “told” Ryan by typing into his computer and having it speak for him -- in a robotic English accent to be exact.

The two then got to know each other 😂

“Do you sleep with that on?” Ryan asked Mello. 

“Of course,” he told him. 

“Where are you from?” Ryan asked.

“The grocery store,” Mello said.

“Are you a good kisser?”

"Never kiss and tell,” the DJ responded. 

In all seriousness, Marshmello is a renowned DJ who has worked with the likes of Zedd, Logic, Selena Gomez and more. He most recently linked up with Anne-Marie on hit new track “FRIENDS” after briefly meeting in London. 

“He remixed my song ‘Alarm’ about two years ago and I absolutely loved it, but I had never met him or spoken to him — obviously,” Anne-Marie shared. “He was in London in December so I literally just went to the studio where he was and just wanted to say ‘Hello’ and met him and he had a laptop and he started playing some stuff so it wasn’t even meant to be a session, it just happened.”

Marshmello, who is currently working with Bastille and Demi Lovato (!!!), shared with Ryan that it’s his “happiness and positivity” that draws artists to him. 

“He is very positive and, yes, just a lovely person,”  Anne-Marie, whose debut album drops on April 27th, added, joking: “I can tell by his body language.” 


Watch the hilarious interview above. 

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