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The Internet Is Obsessing Over Kate Middleton’s Fingers For This Reason

The internet has become fascinated with Duchess Kate Middleton’s fingers after a photo of her holding a clutch seemingly showed that her fingers are all the same length. 

It all started after the Daily Mail posted the photos from the royal’s day out visiting a school in Oxford. In the article, the Daily Mail wrote: “Photographs taken of the pregnant mother-of-two indicate that, unusually, the central three fingers of her hands are almost the same length. Most people's middle fingers are noticeably longer than their index or fourth fingers."

The Daily Mail also (much to our amusement) went as far as to dissect “digit ratio,” the difference in length between the index and ring fingers studied in correlation with many disease risks and personality traits.

Obviously, there is nothing unusual about Kate’s fingers and it was simply the photo. 

See the funniest reactions below: