Watch Kristen Bell Ask Kids If Their Moms Drink Wine and LOL


Kristen Bell asked kids a series of questions — including if their moms drink wine — during a hilarious web episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ Momsplaining and their responses were surprisingly relatable, and, of course, hilarious. 

“Do your mommies ever drink wine?” Kristen asks a group of kids sitting around coloring at a table while their moms watch through a two-way mirror. 

“My mom does,” a boy named James hilariously admitted as his mom cringed in the other room. “My mom drinks wine very often.”

Another little girl hilariously then tells Kristen about how her mom got glass of wine and for the “the whole entire hour she didn’t get anything else” and that “then the next day, when she woke up, she didn’t wake up.”

Kristen, trying to hold back laughs, then added: “Sometimes it’s nice to have a little glass of wine when you’re an adult, and sometimes — with animals like you — you need it. You feel me?”

Watch the hilarious video above. 

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