Tanya Rad Reveals to Ryan What Happened With Tim Tebow

Drum roll please! After spending the weekend on the edge of our seats, Tanya Rad revealed to Ryan on-air on Monday, February 12, what happened with her celebrity crush Tim Tebow. 

In case you missed it, Tanya has had a crush on Tim for awhile now and she finally connected with him on-air last week when he phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest to promote his foundation’s Night to Shine event. The unforgettable event is a prom for people with special needs. The worldwide party, which celebrates special needs people 14 and older, consists of 537 proms taking place at the same time in 16 countries. They crown each and every person in attendance, leaving them with a night to remember. 

With Ryan playing the perfect wingman during the interview last week, Tanya informed Tim that she would be in attendance at the prom in Los Angeles on Friday. 

“I love it! That sounds fantastic — let’s go,” Tim told Tanya. “Sweet, thank you so much for being a part of it. … Maybe we will see you tomorrow night.”

So, did Tanya finally meet Tim at Night to Shine?!?!?

Unfortunately, no. Tanya shared with Ryan and listeners that Tim kicked off the evening in Peru and traveled to other proms but never made it to L.A. 

He did, however, watch Tanya's Instagram story which, yes, totally matters in the modern dating world. 

Listen to the audio above to find out what more of what happened and sound off in the comments with advice on what to do next.

Click here for more information on Night to Shine.

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