Tim Tebow’s ‘Night to Shine’ Is Truly Unforgettable

Tim Tebow discussing his foundation’s worldwide prom, "Night to Shine," will make you swoon. The athlete phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, February 8, to discuss the unforgettable event. 

Tim explained to Ryan that "Night to Shine" is a prom for people with special needs ages 14 and older. The worldwide prom will consist of 537 proms taking place at the same time in 16 different countries. 

“We will crown every single one of them as a king and queen so there will be a little over 100,000 kings and queens and a little over 200,000 volunteers that are helping make this happen and it’s truly my favorite night of the year,” Tim shared. “What’s also special is it’s not just for high schoolers … I will have people with special needs that are 50, 60, 70 years of age that will be coming and it’s the first thing they’ve ever been celebrated in their entire life and that’s really what we want to do. We want to celebrate them. We want to love them and let them know they’re important and they’re not an accident, but they’re special and they’re unique and we love them that way and it’s truly a night they can shine.” 

The football pro turned baseball player might be a ripped 6’3” but he has a heart of gold. 

While getting to know Tim better — and in part of subtly connecting him with on-air personality Tanya Rad 😉 — Ryan asked Tim where his good spirit comes from and his answer will seriously make you swoon. 

“I think from my faith, my family, and truly wanting to make an impact and loving people,” Tim said. “I feel like sometimes that can be a slogan for a lot of people on Instagram right now and I truly believe its … how I want to live my life … through loving people and caring about people and trying to put people first and ultimately I believe my biggest purpose in life is to fight for people who can’t fight for themselves.”

Head to TimTebowFoundation.org for more information on Tim’s Night to Shine and listen to his full interview with Ryan above. 

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