John Legend Lends Pregnant Chrissy Teigen A Hand With Her Leggings

Where there's a Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, there's a good story.

Yes, yes, we've talked about how Chrissy and John are #couplegoals like a million times before, but now that I am pregnant, I relate to their latest shenanigans on a whooole new level.

Chrissy posted a video on Twitter of John helping her get into her pregnancy leggings... and the people of Twitter loved this moment just as much as I did.

Like, being pregnant is not easy!! You can't see your feet most of the time, tight clothes can be awfully uncomfortable and it's honestly just hard to move around!

And people of the internet just GET IT!

Like, look, this isn't just for pregnant people. Sometimes you just need that kind of love and assistance on a normal day:

We ALL deserve the love these two have for each other:

John helping Chrissy with her leggings is the same love I felt when Michael made me a pillow fort for my belly so I could lay down on my stomach when I was super uncomfortable.

And I think fans are picking up on how incredible it is for any man, but especially John Legend, to be there when their lady needs some help!

She is growing life inside of her and all...

As you may know, John and Chrissy are currently expecting their second child! And because of some interviews Chrissy has done, I have this theory that they may be expecting TWINS!

She says she has gained ALL the weight only 5 months into this pregnancy that she gained while pregnant with their first child, Luna.

And, being pregnant with twins myself, I know that you gain your weight a lot quicker. I mean obviously, because there are TWO babies in there.

Like I said, just a theory here but I think it's possible. 

They also aren't revealing the sex of the baby (babies?) just yet, because John told Chrissy he wanted for them to have "this one thing" to themselves being as they share just about everything else with the public. 

HOWEVER, they previously talked about how they had to do IVF in order to conceive and chose to have a girl (Luna) first and that the next would be a boy. This was all years ago, so maybe things have changed!

What do you think??

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