Watch Camila Cabello Adorably Sing to Sisanie’s Twins-to-Be!

Camila Cabello stopped by the studio on Thursday, January 18, and after dishing about her record-breaking debut solo album, Camila, she gave Ryan’s pregnant cohost Sisanie’s twins-to-be a mini concert. 

“It’s Camila! We all love you, here’s ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb,’” the “Havana” singer adorably tells Sisanie’s belly before breaking out into the nursery rhyme. 

“I don’t know the rest,” Camila hilariously tells her baby bump after forgetting the lyrics, “But I hope you liked it, come back anytime!”

Watch the cute moment above and see below for more of Camila’s interview with Ryan! For more on Sis' pregnancy, click here for her 21 week #HumpDayBumpDay update.